Sep 17

A big difference that most of the people don't see.

  • Sadness: You've been disappointed.
  • Depression: You're full of disappointments.
  • Sadness: You cry, in front of the people or not.
  • Depression: You smile in front of people, you lock yourself in your room, cry quietly, cut yourself, can't sleep because the voices in your head don't let you sleep.
  • Sadness: You go ask for help, someone who want to listen your problems.
  • Depression: You can't tell to anyone, cause they won't understand you.
  • Sadness: You can be comforted.
  • Depression: Nothing can take out this pain from you.
  • Sadness is normal.
  • Depression is a disorder.
  • Sadness happens many times in your life
  • Depression destroy your life
Feb 28
Feb 21

I hate her so much

She says there’s only so much she can take, well there’s only so mch I can take too. I can’t stand you, say your gonna kill me, just do it and get it over with! Im not scared anymore.. Some mom you are.